Ignite Journeys


Ignite is a Christian Camping and Events Ministry based out of Golden Valleys Adventure Camp in Flinders, Victoria.
We exist to inspire faith in Jesus through genuine relationship.

Ignite camps team members standing with arms around each other smiling.


Through our camps, journey experiences and events, we aim to create a place of belonging which empowers people to live their best life, to know Jesus and to experience Christian community.

It's our privilege to journey through different seasons with students and people of all ages.

We love seeing the faces of those who return multiple times each year.

What We Do

We offer discipleship pathways for people of all ages through events.


Including curated year long journeys specific to year 11 & 12 students and school leavers through our Kindle and Stoke journeys. These Journeys are facilitated amongst a community of people seeking a greater purpose through faith in Jesus.


Our camp programs are for students from grade 3 – 10 and follow a similar structure as the Golden Valleys Adventure Camp Holiday camp programs, whilst introducing a Christian encouragement into the campfire and cabin discussion program elements.

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More On Us

Who we are

Golden Valleys Camp is owned and operated by Safe Harbour Foundation.


Safe Harbour Foundation was founded by a group of business people who set out to steward resources for God’s purposes. The founders of Safe Harbour continue to operate Golden Valleys Camp and are the leadership behind Ignite.
It is our great purpose and joy to be light and life in the world and share the good news of Jesus with our friends old and new!

What we believe

We believe that the world needs a true and genuine relationship with Jesus.


It is our belief and experience that there is no greater friend, no greater counsellor, no greater source of wisdom or guide than Jesus and we exist to assist people in coming to genuine relationship with a God who truly desires to know us, meet us, speak with us and lead us in the path of life we have each been given.

Our Approach

We are respecters of all people and desire to create space for each person to explore and lead their own journey, at their own pace and passion.


You will not find a pushy presence or strong direction led in our programs but rather space and facilitated opportunities to explore and connect with Jesus as you feel comfortable and interested.